One place i would like to

Would you hike a national park like Yellowstone or Glacier and photograph wildlife for a month? Would you relax a month away on Florida's warm pristine white powder sand beaches sipping cold Mojito's?

One place i would like to

Don't wait, propose today. Don't miss our Free Compatibility Testwhere you'll find your perfect match. Lenny I'm 7-foot-5 and looking for love.

You likey the love? Tall guys have it going on I'm also pierced, and I don't mean in the ear Steven I'm definitely a classic romantic.

I like a candlelight dinner, some quiet background music, and a couple hits of ether. I prefer a woman that has insurance and a car would be great as I need to make the occassional trip to Mexico to pick up "souvenirs".

One place i would like to

I aint too sure what this is about but I'm up for talking to chicks from all over the world. Jeb Hi there ladies, pick me.

I'm itchin' to start a new life in an exciting place. I got bought by some lady in London, but she didn't like me, so I'm back. I like mini golf, stock cars, video games Texas Border Town, U.

One place i would like to

Daryl My name is Daryl. I am 17, but will be turning 18 in September.

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I figure by the time we get to know each other I will be legal tender and we can marry. My parents are kicking me out after December and I'd like to meet a woman with a lot of money so we can have fun. I like women betweenbut would consider older if we don't have to touch a lot.

TJ I'm looking for a girl named "Julie". I got this "Julie" tattoo last year, and would prefer to not deal with it. Andrew I am a bit of a paradox. I am a very laid-back man who is also an insatiable adrenaline junkie. I live for the moment As a 23 year old balding man I'm in a hurry to find love.

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Philip I'm lonely, how about you? I live in a crappy basement apartment and I'm hoping to go somewhere warm and sunny. If you have money and you aren't in Canada please email me. Akim It's actually quite ridiculous that I'm here. I do extremely well for myself - meeting ladies everywhere I go.

Since I don't really need this, you might not hear back from me, but I do appreciate all your notes. Fernando Translated from Spanish Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming.

This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated.In the past two decades, New York City's crime rate dropped drastically, making it one of the safest big cities in the country.

If you enjoyed the music on this site and would like to learn how to do it. Upcoming Award Deadlines.

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The format comes to life when a restaurant is overflowing with ideas, like Atomix. What is DevArt? DevArt is a celebration of art made with code by artists that push the possibilities of creativity - where technology is their canvas and code is their raw material.

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